5 Child-Friendly Herbs For Topical Use | Herbal Academy | Looking for simple-to-make remedies for your kids? Here's 5 child-friendly herbs for topical use to help you do just that!
  ON June 19,2017

5 Child-Friendly Herbs For Topical Use

If you have children (or if you’ve ever been a child, for that matter), you’re familiar with all of the common childhood ailments, from colds and flu to basic boo-boos (like cuts, scrapes, and bruises). As a mother of two, there are a handful of herbs and very simple-to-make topical remedies that I like to…

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Hydrolats for Babies & Young Children | Herbal Academy | Hydrolats for babies and young children can be an excellent choice when it comes finding natural remedies that are appropriate for young ages.
  ON May 06,2016

How To Use Hydrolats For Babies And Young Children

There’s nothing more stressful for a parent than a baby who won’t sleep or a sick, inconsolable child. Fortunately, we can turn to natural remedies to help and support during these challenging situations. One option parents can choose is to use hydrolats for babies and young children. But what are hydrolats, where do they come from,…

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