ON February 25,2020

10 Herbal Crafts for Long Winter Days

There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea and a winter herbal craft project to help brighten long, cold days in the Northern Hemisphere. These 10 herbal craft projects are inspired by plants, and a few of them even involve taking a walk to find materials in nature, which is therapeutic in and of…

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5 Herb Gardening Books To Inspire Your Next Botanical Garden | Herbal Academy | Whether you are a seasoned herb grower or a newbie, we've compiled five herb gardening books that are sure to help inspire your next botanical garden.
  ON March 22,2018

5 Herb Gardening Books To Inspire Your Next Botanical Garden

This is the time of year when a day with slightly above average temperatures and sunshine leads to a longing for spring. Seasonal changes, such as the snow beginning to melt or the days growing longer, tempt us outside for just a bit longer each time. Once quick, dreaded trips to the mailbox evolve into…

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Keep The Bugs Away With These 6 Natural Pest Repellant Plants | Herbal Academy | Ever wondered what herbs you can plant to help deter insects? We're sharing 6 great options with you in this post!
  ON August 02,2017

Keep The Bugs Away With These 6 Natural Pest Repellent Plants

Summer is a great time of year because you can be outside doing lots of fun activities you can’t enjoy when it’s cold out such as swimming, barbecuing, or playing games outside in your backyard with your friends. Something that often keeps people from enjoying their time outside are bugs, and they can make you…

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The Interesting Story Behind Victory Gardens | Herbal Academy | Do you know the history of community gardening dates back to World War I? Learn about historical and modern day victory gardens in today's post!
  ON July 17,2017

The Interesting Story Behind Victory Gardens

Community gardening and composting have become common in the last 10 to 15 years, but their history goes back to World War I (1914-1918) and World War II (1939-1945) when gardens became a necessity both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Food was an issue in World War I, and victory gardens…

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Pollinator Gardens 101 | Herbal Academy | Learn the importance of pollinators and how you can help them by planting pollinator gardens around your home and in your community!
  ON April 12,2017

Pollinator Gardens 101: Helping Mother Nature

Have you noticed less bees buzzing around or a decrease in monarch butterflies in your area? What about a decrease in hummingbirds or moths? Our earth is in trouble, which puts us in trouble since we depend her pollinators for much of our food. Today, I’d like to share some brief information with you about…

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3 Easy Herbs To Grow From Seed | Herbal Academy | Are you feeling anxious to start your spring garden? We are sharing 3 easy herbs to grow from seed right now!
  ON March 29,2017

3 Easy Herbs to Grow From Seed

Tuning in to the cycle of the seasons is an integral part of wellness, as our connection to the earth roots and nourishes us in myriad ways. I revel in the cozy cocoon and silence of winter after living out loud and hot in the summer and pushing through the ramped up pace of back-to-school…

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Reflections of an Herb Gardener | Herbal Academy | Here are a few witty herb garden reflections for fellow herb gardeners, and those thinking of starting one! Be sure that you'll gain wisdom, and a few good laughs too!
  ON May 30,2016

Reflections of an Herb Gardener

To those who are afraid of starting an herb garden, don’t be. The rewards of having your own fresh herbs to use and dry, the therapy of working in the dirt, the ability to sit quietly and meditate in your own special place far outweigh the “errors in judgment” one can make. Looking back at…

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