Mushroom Identification Checklist Notepad

Mushroom Identification Checklist Notepad


The Mushroom Identification Checklist Notepad, available here as a supplement to our Mushroom Foraging Kit, includes 50 tear-off sheets with our handy pre-made mushroom identification checklists covering basic morphology (size, shape, features), as well as habitat, growth habit, and substrate. 

Correctly identifying mushroom species is all about the details and subtle differences, and this checklist will help you keep track of your observations of mushroom morphology in one simple double-sided sheet. These sections each include a checklist of observable mushroom characteristics, giving beginners in our Mushroom Course key factors to look for, and serves as a helpful documentation tool for more experienced foragers. 

The 4.5 x 6.5” notebook is a convenient size to throw into your foraging bag and bring with you for a walk through the woods or to set out on an overnight foraging adventure. Jot down some of these basic characteristics and store alongside spore prints and sketches to reference in your mushroom studies! One of these checklist notepads is included in our Mushroom Foraging Kit, but we’ve made these available as a standalone product or for replenishing your keying toolkit after busy foraging seasons!

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