Fragrance Journal

Fragrance Journal


Keep track of your forays into the alluring world of Natural Perfumery with this beautiful and easy-to-use journal set. A companion to the Natural Perfumery Course, this notebook comes with a set of 100 tester strips to conveniently sample your scents on a neutral surface. In addition to space for recording your fragrance impressions and blending notes, the notebook includes useful charts and tables for understanding fragrance families, perfumery notes, and safe dermal use levels for commonly used essential oils and absolutes. 

This inspiring, full-color journal contains predesigned record pages to fill in as you discover and experience each scent. Record pages make room to note the basics—plant name, binomial, part and form—and provide a beautiful space to practice your new understanding of fragrance notes and blending techniques, and note impressions of each scent’s character and associations. With a record of your notes, impressions, and perfumery experiments, you’ll be well on your way to understanding natural perfumery on a deeper level and dreaming up exciting blends of your own! 

This slim, lightweight book is 6 x 9” – easy to toss in a bag or keep on your shelf where you study and experiment, with 100 pages in all. This includes 90+ journal entry pages to keep records in and 7 intro pages with helpful information to reference as you work. We’ve also included a handy set of 100 test strips to get you started on sampling your fragrances.

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