Introductory Herbal Course

Introductory Herbal Course

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Have you ever wished you could start your journey into herbalism, but felt you didn’t have the time, resources, or opportunity?

Our affordable and convenient self-paced online program gives students with little or no herbal experience a glimpse into the world of herbs, kindling an enthusiasm for a lifelong path of learning. By the end of the Introductory Herbal Course, you will understand the ways in which the herbal approach can support radiant wellness, and you will feel more comfortable AND excited about making and using your own teas, tinctures, and body care products.

Get ready to mix up new recipes in the kitchen, use spices and herbs you never knew had wellness-promoting properties, and walk away inspired to pursue your herbal studies at the intermediate level and beyond!

Choose to upgrade your enrollment with our Print Version, a complete set of textbooks presenting the entire Introductory Herbal Course in printed form – over 730 beautiful pages at your fingertips!


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Herbalism offers a window into a world that values and celebrates our connection with plants. If you are reading this, there is something in you yearning to rediscover this relationship — and you are likely looking for someone to guide you on this path of discovery. We are delighted to walk beside you while you begin your herbal journey, and to support you in getting the most out of your experience!

Learn more about this beautiful and empowering course in the video:

The Herbal Academy provides an easy to follow, beautifully illustrated, self-paced educational experience that is full of useful information and resources. It will change your life, and help to set you on your herbal path. – Paula Carroll Schwindt, Introductory Herbal Course graduate

Perhaps you found your way here because you’ve been wondering about all those beautiful green weeds growing along roads and in your backyard. Ancient wisdom and natural beauty have been tugging at your heart and you’re naturally curious about how you can integrate these plants into your life. You don’t feel like you need someone pushing you to learn, because you believe the knowledge you gain is its own reward. You just seek guidance on how you can directly apply that knowledge to help you become your healthiest and happiest self.

The Introductory Herbal Course is your online self study program!

Introductory Herbal Course - making herbal oils

Introductory Herbal Course - Foraging for beginners

Introductory Herbal Course - your beginners herbs course online

Our intention for this self-paced herbal course is to give those of you new to herbalism a taste of a holistic approach to wellness and vitality supported by herbs. This introductory level class will teach you how to integrate herbs into your daily life and how to make herbal preparations and body care products for daily care and common ailments. You’ll learn the properties of familiar herbs and spices (as well as those not yet familiar to you) and explore their wellness-supporting uses. The engaging lessons, beautiful presentation, and sound knowledge will delight the learner in you and instill an appreciation for the gifts herbalism has to offer, inspiring your future studies as well. 

Herbal Academy Introductory Herbal Course - mobile friendly

In the Introductory Herbal Course, you will discover:


Your enrollment comes with Lifetime Access* to the course so you can enjoy your herbal studies at a pace that is most convenient to you!


We’re covering 34 hands-on lessons over 6 in-depth units, teaching you the foundational principles you need to know to get started as an herbalist from making herbal preparations to herbs for common body system imbalances and the herbal holistic approach. 


We’re making our online program approachable for many learning styles! Downloadable and printable, every course unit includes an assortment of useful, visually stimulating charts and handouts to support your studies!


We have compiled an inspiring assortment of herbal tea recipes in The Tea Booklet ready for you to download and print for your continued use – over and over again! This Ebook is also one of the books included in the course’s Print Package upgrade!


Roll up your sleeves! Each unit includes dozens of recipes and preparations to help you get started making teas, tinctures, syrups, and body care products! You can download and print recipes individually, and all course recipes are also compiled in one downloadable PDF organized by unit for easy reference.


Learn your herbs! Students will have access to over 75 herbal monographs for in-depth study. Each monograph includes information on herbal actions, uses, energetics, safety, and dosage. Monographs are presented within the course lessons, and also compiled in alphabetical order in a downloadable PDF for easy reference and printing.


The course includes dozens of educational video demonstrations to provide a multimedia learning experience and enrich your engagement with course topics. Video transcripts are provided for each video in downloadable PDF format.


Each unit includes exercises designed to help you delve deeper into course topics, and requires successful completion of a quiz in order to pass through to the next set of lessons. Retake the quizzes as many times as needed!


Graduates receive their own certificate upon completion after successfully passing every quiz in class.


We’re with you all along the way! Students have access to course instructors and Herbal Academy team members throughout the program.


Herbal Academy students and graduates get access to our thriving private MyHerbalStudies Facebook community! Grow with your fellow classmates as you journey through your studies, ask questions of your teachers, and share your experiences with this inspiring community!


Access to the Herbal Academy’s catalog of discounts, including savings on Mountain Rose Herbs, Rosemary’s Garden, and Harmonic Arts purchases, United Plant Savers membership, Natural Herbal Living subscriptions and herb boxes, Essential Herbal Magazine and Mother Earth Living subscriptions, Good Flower Farm purchases, and more.


Upgrade your registration with our Printed Course Package to experience your course to the fullest! The set of books presents the entire Introductory Herbal Course in printed form – over 730 pages at your fingertips! You will receive the Herbal Academy’s complete Introductory Herbal Course textbook in a beautiful and convenient printed version – over 550 pages! The set also includes a companion Recipes + Monographs Book with over 140 pages, thoughtfully organized into a treasured resource. In these pages, you’ll find all of the monographs and recipes from the course compiled for ease of use as a go-to reference. The third book in this set is The Tea Booklet. Take your recipes into the kitchen with this inspiring assortment of herbal tea recipes available in one convenient booklet for easy reference and ongoing use!

Introductory Herbal Course textbooks - Herbal Academy

View more images of the Introductory Herbal Course’s Printed Textbook Package here.


In this beginner’s herbalism course, you will learn about the herbal approach, why herbs are important, and how to use them in teas, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, syrups, topical applications, and body care products. We’ll discuss internal and external application of these preparations, herbal actions and energetics, safety information, and dosing.

The Introductory Herbal Course covers various body systems, including the immune system and the respiratory system, and discusses herbal support for maintaining balance in these systems as well as for addressing common complaints such as colds and the flu, bronchitis, and allergies. You’ll find discussions on herbs for children and reproductive health. Because stress is such a prevalent factor in our overall wellbeing, we’ll talk a bit about the nervous system, why a calm, strong nervous system can lay the foundation for better health, and provide herbs and lifestyle habits to support good sleep and ease headaches. We delve into body care and skin as well as healthy aging lifestyle approaches. Finally, we finish up with the holistic approach—what it is and how it differs from the conventional medical approach—and how to put it into practice.

While we recommend spending at least 1 month of serious study in each unit, students have the ability to work at their own pace toward completion of the course and can spend more or less time in each unit. Students will have Lifetime Access* to the online portion of the program. Each of the units and lessons, recipes, charts, video transcripts, and ebooks are available to download and print so students can continue to use these resources even after completion of the course.

The Introductory Herbal Course Outline

Introductory Herbal Course by Herbal Academy – herbalism


The Herbal Approach and World Healing Traditions; Choosing Herbs; Storing Herbs; Herbal Teas and Tinctures; Syrups and Topical Applications; Herbal Actions; Trees, Mushrooms, and Seaweed; Anatomy Overview; Developing your Materia Medica; Making an Herbarium

Introductory Herbalism by Herbal Academy - fire cider


Wellness in Your Kitchen; Spices; Kitchen Materia Medica; Kitchen Preparations; Herb Gardening; Wildcrafting; Bringing it Home

Introductory Herbal Course - herbal steam


The Immune System; Building a Healthy Terrain; Healthy Digestion; Minimizing Exposure to Environmental Toxins; Tonic and Adaptogen Herbs; The Respiratory System; Coughs, Colds, and the Flu; Herbs for Children; Herbal Support for Reproductive Health; Vitamin D

Wildcrafting - Herbalism Courses by Herbal Academy


Overview of the Nervous System; Stress; Nervines and Adaptogenic Herbs; Tension Headaches and Migraines; Sleep and Insomnia; The B Vitamins

Introductory Herbal Course by Herbal Academy – body care products


Introduction to the Skin; Common Skin Conditions; Herbal Support for Healthy Skin; Internal Health = External Health; Topical Oils; Salves and Balms; Body Butters; Salt and Sugar Scrubs; Herbal Baths; Facial Cleansers; Moisturizers; Toners; Hair Care; Healthy Aging

Self Care and the Holistic Approach - Herbalism by HerbalAcademy


Conventional Allopathic Medicine; The Holistic Model; The Holistic Approach to Herbalism; Integration; The Holistic Body; The Power of the Mind and the Placebo Response; Holistic Approaches in Practice; History of Western Herbalism; Integrating the Holistic Approach

View the Full Course Outline

Infused Oil Preparation - Introductory Herbal Course

Self Care and body care recipes by Herbal Academy

Introductory Herbal Course - beginners herbal course

Get a Taste of Class before Committing

Interested in exploring the Introductory Herbal Course, but not quite ready to enroll? Explore one of the lessons from the program with this free preview:


Testimonials from Class

“I was brought to the Herbal Academy by your easy-to-find knowledge and depth of materials. It was a one-stop location where I could find beautifully structured courses and breadth of knowledge on the many uses of herbs all wrapped in an easy-to-use site. The variety of recipes and photos, along with the amazing online community is priceless.”  
– Stephanie, Owner of @mytinylagunakitchen, Herbal Academy graduate
“I thank you for all your hard work in pulling it together – that you know, and care about, what you teach is very evident in the course materials. Nicely done!”
– C., Student
Just want to say how much I am enjoying your herbalist course online and to tell you that your heart, sensitivity and good will come through in everything you are producing. I am very impressed and feel blessed to be a party to your social and educational world.”
– J.S., Student
I am LOVING the Intro class! The content is easy to understand and I can’t wait to start the Intermediate class!”
– Russell G., Student
“I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for creating such an informative, organized, and beautiful herbalism program. Your Introductory Course was one of my first real open doors into the world of Herbalism, and I found it to be a clear and concise glimpse into the beautiful experience that we may have with the natural world.”
– Jean, Introductory Herbal Course graduate
“Herbal Academy gave me the confidence I really needed to combine my own experience with the education I received to start making my own skincare products and other recipes. By expanding my knowledge, I have a better grasp of how to incorporate herbs into my recipes, which I can then share with the community.” – Stephanie, Herbal Academy graduate
Wonderful lessons, well paced, and very detailed. I think this is a beautiful, professionally done, and very well laid out course that everyone should do!”
– A.P., Student
“I have completed my herbal studies and feel much more confident using herbs for medicine, I am going to use these new skills as an excuse to spend much more time in nature, foraging and getting to know the species that grow in my surroundings. Syrups, Tinctures, Salves, Balms, Infusions, Infused Oils, and much more… very excited!”
– Mariana Lucia Zavery, Founder of The Mindful Sprout and Introductory Course Graduate
“I recently completed your Introductory Course. I’m greatly impressed by the thoroughness and depth of the course and will build on that in the months to come. As a stay at home mom in a rural community you made it possible and affordable for me to officially study herbalism. Thank you!”
– Rosemary Hamilton, Introductory Herbal Course graduate
“Really enjoyed the intro and herbal basics!!! Super info dense while remaining understandable, clear and not at all overwhelming. Really amped me up for the rest of the course!!”
– S.H., Student
I have recently signed up for the Introductory Herbal Course. So far it is amazing! There is so much to learn! Every little bit of information found in this course is making me want to know more!”
– Kelly Ann, Student
“Thank you for providing this course! I have found it to be very thorough and inspiring! I plan on using the great recipes and information in my daily life and hopefully enhancing the lives of my family and friends as well! Thanks again!”
– Elizabeth Bolden

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We’ve designed our online programs for an international audience, so no matter where you call home, this course will be relevant! We keep our enrollment open which means new students are joining us each and every day. So when you are ready to begin your studies, you’ll be registering with a group of students working through the same lessons you are.

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