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LAST CHANCE: The Tincture Making 101 Mini Course closes for the year on Friday, June 28th!

Herbal Preparations Recipe Guides

Herbal Preparations Recipe Guides


We are making it easy to bring your studies right into the kitchen with these mess-friendly, durable, and incredibly practical laminated recipe and tutorial guides. These Herbal Preparations Recipe Guides compile the essential hands-on information from all of the lessons in the Making Herbal Preparations 101 Mini Course into beautifully convenient laminated charts so you can work offline and in your kitchen, practicing your herbalist skills!

The 13 full color, back-to-back sheets are packaged in a complete set and will soon become your go-to guides when making herbal preparations! 32 recipes and tutorials are featured as part of the Herbal Preparations Recipe Guides for the following categories:

  • Water-based herbal preparations
  • Sweet-based herbal preparations
  • Alcohol-based herbal preparations
  • Oil-based herbal preparations 

The Herbal Preparations Recipe Guides are most importantly laminated for ease of use and functionality! Take these durable guides right into the kitchen with you while you prepare your favorite herbal preparations from tinctures to teas to help instruct you through the process and inspire you with our herbalist-approved recipes. 

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