Herbal Journey Planner

Herbal Journey Planner


The Herbal Journey Planner is a beautifully designed companion intended to help Becoming an Herbalist Course students (or anyone else curious about becoming an herbalist!) illuminate their steps of exploration down the wild and wonderful herbal path.

Thoughtfully organized and carefully crafted, the 140 page Herbal Journey Planner comes with all of the lessons from the Becoming an Herbalist Mini Course bound as a keepsake item to refer to time and time again as you chart your course. In addition, the Planner includes bonus discovery activities to help you gain insight and clarify your goals, calendars to keep yourself organized, and notes pages to write down all your herbal hopes and dreams.

Your Herbal Journey Planner will become an indispensable partner as you bloom into the herbalist that is already inside you! Whatever path you choose and the gifts that you bring to the world will be unique to your heart’s calling. So make yourself a cup or two of tea, settle in with some pencils, look within, and enjoy this deeply fulfilling journey. We will be walking right alongside you!


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