Herbal Academy’s Maker’s Magazine: ISSUE 2 – Herbal Spring Cleaning Recipes

Herbal Academy’s Maker’s Magazine: ISSUE 2 – Herbal Spring Cleaning Recipes


Celebrate the arrival of spring with a holistic approach to spring cleaning! This issue of the Herbal Academy’s Maker’s Magazine will show you just how easy (and invigorating) it is to make herbal spring cleaning products from scratch, revitalize your health, refresh your beauty routine with natural ingredients, and inspire a harmonious atmosphere in your home and within yourself. 

Inside Issue 2 of the digital Herbal Academy’s Maker’s Magazine, you will find over 60 recipes and ideas:

  • A collection of DIY herbal cleaning products you can use to refresh your home by ditching commercial cleaning products and switching to more natural options. 
  • Organizational tips to revive your herbal storage and workspace, and keep things fresh for months to come.
  • Simple methods for using herbs to help shift and clear out stagnant or negative energy and boost mood. 
  • Gentle herbal support for maintaining gut health, igniting digestion, and revitalizing the liver.
  • Botanical skincare recipes that are easy to make at home with fresh ingredients that will nourish your skin and spirit.
  • Tips for making natural swaps to reduce toxic load and eliminate harsh chemicals from your home.

Dive into the Herbal Academy’s Maker’s Magazine: Herbal Spring Cleaning Recipes to Revitalize Your Home, Body, and Beauty Routine to shake off the heaviness of seasons past and emerge with vibrant new energy! With a range of projects and recipes curated by the Herbal Academy’s team of trusted herbalists and creative friends, you’re sure to find something that will inspire you. Each project is color-coded based on how long it takes to complete from start to finish, so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule.  

By incorporating these tips and recipes into your spring routine, you’ll be able to enjoy a more natural and holistic approach to cleaning, self care, and overall health. Plus, this digital magazine comes with interactive experiences, such as downloads and printables, to enhance your crafting experience.

Happy spring!

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