The Self-Care Journal

The Self-Care Journal


Designed as a companion to the Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management Course, this newly offered journal will make a significant impact on your wellbeing with a calming approach to tracking and journaling themes to manage your stress level and overall wellness. This journal includes a wealth of introductory information and is accented with dreamy, soothing visuals and an inspiring variety of habit trackers and reflection pages to aid in your motivation to try new practices and review how they affect your stress response.   

These herbalist-guided suggestions and trackers cover hydration, sleep, nutritional support, and herbal support. You’ll also have space to tailor blank trackers for your own self-guided journaling. This journal will encourage mindfulness, motivation, and self reflection within the context of the holistic wellness practices covered in the Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management Course.  Altogether, in addition to an information-rich introduction, this 150 page journal provides resources for 3 months worth of monthly, weekly, and daily reflection in a unique, square 8.25 x 8” formatting.

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