Formulary Notebook Set

Formulary Notebook Set


Keep track of your herbal formulations with this beautiful and easy-to-use notebook and worksheet set. A companion to the Mastering Herbal Formulation Course, the Formulary Notebook & Worksheet Set is an essential compilation of formulation guides and two separate tear-off notepads with pages to record your own herbal combinations and calculations. A gorgeous way to keep all of your need-to-know herbal formulation information in one place!

The inspiring, full-color journal contains easy-to-reference graphics on everything from herbal properties to chemistry and solubility to dosage guidelines, as well as pre-designed worksheets to fill in as you experiment with herbal formulas—whether you’re combining herbs into herbal salves, tinctures, creams, teas, or any other herbal preparation! 

Also included in this set are two 50-page tear-off worksheet notepads: the Mathematical Calculations Worksheet to help calculate the proportions of each extract you prepare, and the Batch ID Log worksheet to help you keep detailed records for each formulation. With all of the complex information organized into one place, this indispensable notebook and worksheet set is a must-have for any herbal formulator.

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