Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop- 6 Months Extension

Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop- 6 Months Extension


Are you interested in extending your course access? We would love to continue this journey with you!

Purchase an extension on your Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop, and gain access to your course for another six months. This extension offer is only available to students who have taken the Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop – either active currently or at one time in the past.

If your workshop is not yet expired, you can still purchase this intensive extension. Your current expiration date, as listed in your Student Dashboard, will be extended by six months from that date.

If your workshop is already expired, you can extend your intensive access by ordering this extension offer. Your course will extend by six months from the purchase date. There is no option to delay your extension start time.

Workshop extensions are non-refundable and only available to students who have paid their accounts in full.


Upgrade Not Available

This upgrade option is only available to purchase by students currently enrolled in the "Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop" course. Please log in to your account if you are a student of this course interested in upgrading your program, and ensure that you have no failed or pending payments in your current payment plans.

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