Botanical Design Recipe Cards – Set of 12
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Botanical Design Recipe Cards – Set of 12


As a spin off from the Herbal Starter Kit’s herbal recipe cards, enjoy these botanically designed blank recipe cards for you to use in compiling your own DIYs and recipes! Do you have a favorite recipe you visit over and over again, or a go-to sunburn salve? Capture this information for easy access in your own set of botanical illustrated recipe cards from the Herbal Academy.  

Printed on sturdy card stock for repeated use, these recipe cards include the Herbal Academy’s signature full-color botanical prints for inspiration. Each card has room for the following: From the Kitchen of, Recipe Title, a column for ingredients on the left, and ample space for directions to the right.  

As any seasoned herbalist will attest, the more you get to know and work with your botanicals the more your recipes will evolve over time. With the use of these cards, we hope to encourage you to start recording some of your favorite creations for future use. This set is a perfect gift for a new or experienced herbalist, and a great investment in your own evolution as an herbalist. Add one, two, or five to your cart!

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