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Demystifying Weight-to-Volume Tinctures | Herbal Academy | It's important to understand what weight-to-volume tinctures are, and how to use this understanding to formulate our own tinctures.
  ON October 10,2016

Demystifying Weight-to-Volume Tinctures

Many of us begin our exploration of herbalism by making tinctures using what is often called the Folk Method. And there’s nothing wrong with this method—tinctures made this way can be absolutely effective. They are made and used by the most experienced of practitioners as well as those of us who make tinctures for home…

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Lemon Balm - Jane Herbal Academy
  ON September 12,2016

Lemon Balm: The Immortal Life of Bees

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) goes by many names: bee balm, Melissa, heart’s delight, and sweet balm. Whatever we call it, bees adore the plant. Lemon balm has been used enthusiastically by beekeepers and healers since ancient times. And it’s no wonder. This member of the mint family has an irresistible scent—the leaves smell both minty and…

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How to Begin Your Herbalist Training - tinctures
  ON July 15,2016

An Herbal Perspective On Managing Pain Using Herbs

How does an herbalist use herbal theory when managing pain using herbs? Most of the time, people tend to think of pain as a simple experience, one that is isolated within itself. We think to ourselves that “the problem is that I am in pain,” rather than “pain is a signal of something else.” Over…

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6 of the Best Books For Your Advanced Herbal Studies | Herbal Academy | As an herbalist, it's important to continue to build your herbal library. Here are 6 of the best books for your advanced herbal studies to get started.
  ON June 29,2016

6 Of The Best Books For Your Advanced Herbal Studies

Building a home library is essential for beginning herbalists because it allows you to cross reference different views and glean more information about a topic while you study. Continuing to add to your herbal library is also very important for advanced and career herbalists, but what are the best books for your advanced herbal studies?…

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