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New Intensive! Identify and Manage Estrogen Excess  | Herbal Academy | We’ve partnered with Sara Rooney, a medical herbalist specializing in hormonal imbalance, to release our newest Herbarium intensive about estrogen excess.
  ON May 01,2020

New Intensive! Identify and Manage Estrogen Excess 

Estrogen. It’s a well-known hormone, but how many of us truly understand the many ways it affects our bodies? As one could guess, estrogen is a key player in reproductive and sexual development, but it also affects cholesterol, metabolism, bone formation, cognition, and more. When estrogen levels are balanced, we hope to operate within a…

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  ON April 15,2020

COVID-19 School Lunch Programs: Keeping Children Fed

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve become particularly aware of the simple, daily blessings that we take for granted, including access to healthy, year-round produce. As we collectively give thanks for what we’re fortunate to have — from a safe home, to a healthy meal, to our ability to care for our families’ wellbeing —…

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