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Your Favorite Botanical Skin Care Recipes—In Print! | Herbal Academy | Get 194 good-for-you-body skin care recipes featured in our new Botanical Skin Care Course in print format in our new Botanical Skin Care Recipe Book!
  ON June 28,2019

Your Favorite Botanical Skin Care Recipes—In Print!

We all have to make good choices for our lives and our health, and we also want to do the very best for those we love. As herbalists, we’ve come to understand how important herbs are to our wellbeing—from the plants we ingest inside our bodies to the ones we use topically on the outside….

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  ON June 19,2019

Take A Peek Into Our New Botanical Skin Care Course!

We’ve been dropping hints like hotcakes for several weeks, and this morning, we are thrilled to start shouting from the rooftops that our Botanical Skin Care Course is now OPEN for registration! Oh heavens, you are in for a scrumptious treat with this course! For some of you, this course may even be life-changing. Our…

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all new HERBALISM COURSES at the Herbal Academy
  ON February 04,2019

Herbal Academy: The Journey

One thing we can always count on is change! For us at the Herbal Academy, change usually means progress, an upward movement, a reach farther, a goal realized. With the recent changes and forward movements we’ve made (and continue to make) to the Herbal Academy web platform and our online foundational herbal courses, we thought…

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6 Herbal Vision Boards To Inspire Your Herbal Journey | Herbal Academy | If you're struggling to find who you are as an herbalist, here are six herbal vision boards to inspire you in finding your herbal identity and future goals.
  ON October 29,2018

6 Herbal Vision Boards To Inspire Your Herbal Journey

Herbalism speaks to each of us in different ways. When we first venture onto this path, many of us don’t have a clear idea of who we want to become as an herbalist. Even when we’ve been on our individual herbal journey for some time, we may still struggle with identifying who we are as…

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