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What Dosha Pain Type Are You? | Herbal Academy | Learn how your dosha is likely to experience pain with our free chart, What's Dosha Pain Type Are You, from our newest herbal intensive.
1 May 2019

What Dosha Pain Type Are You?

Ayurveda is the ancient healing tradition of India, and in the ayurvedic philosophy, all things in nature are comprised of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. These elements combine together in various ways to form the three doshas, known as vata, pitta, and kapha. Air and ether combine to make vata dosha. Fire and water unite to make pitta dosha. Earth and water merge to make kapha dosha.

Like many healing philosophies, Ayurveda considers disease to be the result of living out of balance with nature. To live in balance with our nature, one needs to understand what their constitution, or predominant dosha, is.

Everyone is made up of a one-of-a-kind combination of the three doshas. Some people have one dominant dosha, others have a dual dosha, meaning that two of the doshas show up very strongly in that individual, and most rare, is someone who is tridoshic, which means they have an equal balance of all three doshas.

To learn more about the doshas and what your dosha is, please read our post—Introduction to Ayurveda: What’s My Dosha?

Doshas and Pain Perception

When it comes to pain, one of the many benefits to knowing your dosha pain type is that it helps you to see patterns and find the right herbs to assist in individual situations.

Take joint pain for example. Knowing that each dosha type is likely to experience joint pain that is unique to that dosha can help you to know which type of imbalance you (or a client) are likely to experience and help you seek out the right herbal allies and mind-body approaches to help bring the body back into harmony.

Below is a downloadable chart from our newest herbal intensive—The Ayurvedic Approach to Joint Pain—for you to save to your computer and/or print for your records to help you remember how pain may present for each type of dosha.

What Dosha Pain Type Are You? | Herbal Academy | Learn how your dosha is likely to experience pain with our free chart, What's Dosha Pain Type Are You, from our newest herbal intensive.


What Dosha Pain Type Are You?

In our newest intensive, ayurvedic herbalist and Herbal Academy blog contributor Greta Kent-Stoll will help you discover your unique dosha pain type as it’s related to joint pain so you can map your pathway to balance using ayurvedic herbal preparations and mind-body practices for your pain. In this intensive, you will learn ways to customize herbal and lifestyle approaches to best suit how pain may manifest in your unique constitutional type, bringing both mind and body into great harmony.

This intensive is divided into three short sessions.

  • Session 1: The Roots of Joint Pain
  • Session 2: Joint Pain & The Doshas
  • Session 3: Living In Harmony

While it will only take you one day to complete each of the above sessions of The Ayurvedic Approach to Joint Pain Intensive, you will have access to all online intensive material for 6 months once you click the “Start Course” button. All intensive presentation slides and transcripts are available for download.

Here’s How To Join Us

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This workshop is free to all Herbarium members. If you are not a member you can access this intensive for $39, or you can join the Herbarium for only $79 annual membership.

Becoming an Herbarium member not only gives you access to The Ayurvedic Approach to Joint Pain Intensive but to two other intensives as well. Not only that, but you all get access to The Herbarium’s exclusive Plant Monograph Database boasting over 140 herbal profiles, herbal ebooks and media offerings valued up to $9.99 each, and an ever-expanding collection of in-depth herbal resources including articles, presentations, videos, and podcasts from brilliant herbal minds from around the globe.

Whether you are struggling with joint pain and looking for some individualized herbal assistance or you simply want to learn more about approaching joint pain from an ayurvedic perspective—this new herbal intensive is for you.

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