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Lesser-Known Uses of Sunflower: National Geographic Herbal by Herbal Academy
  ON November 07,2023

Lesser-Known Uses of Sunflower: National Geographic Herbal

In National Geographic Herbal, herbalist and author Mimi Prunella Hernandez, RH(AHG), shares her passion for discovering both global traditions and local wisdom surrounding various herbs and spices and is the perfect guide through a worldwide spectrum of perspectives in herbalism. Exploring the benefits of common weeds like dandelion and red clover, as well as little-appreciated…

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Connecting With the Season of Roots | The Herbal Academy | Different plants are at their peak during certain times of their growing seasons. Learn to connect with the roots of each season.
  ON July 31,2023

5 Common Spices to Use for Everyday Health

The following excerpt, 5 Common Spices to Use for Everyday Health, is taken from Spice Apothecary© by Bevin Clare. Used with permission from Storey Publishing. HEALTHY CONNECTIONS: SKIN, BONES, AND JOINTS Our skin is the organ that interacts most with the world. A dynamic and responsive organ, it contends with all kinds of impacts and…

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  ON June 07,2023

Herbal Academy Student Interview: Laura Rubin (@nurtureforall)

In this installment of our Student Feature series, we spoke with Laura Rubin (@nurtureforall), founder of Nurture, which empowers you to live more joyfully through the amazing power of herbs, helping you to reconnect with your body and the Earth. Laura has completed Herbal Academy’s Intermediate Herbal Course and Herbal Business Course. HA: Please tell…

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  ON May 09,2023

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Serena Hartwell (@serenahartwell)

In our most recent Student Feature interview, we spoke with Serena Hartwell (@serenahartwell), owner of Everyday Homestead, where she shares foraging tips and wildcrafted recipes that feature locally foraged and homegrown plants. Serena has completed Herbal Academy’s The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course, Herbs for ADHD, Cognition, and Focus Intensive, Intermediate Herbal Course, Emulsifiers and Preservatives in…

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