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  ON June 18,2018

Join Us For A Yellow Dock Plant Walk!

We’re in the midst of growing and foraging season here in the Northern Hemisphere. If you’re feeling the tug to get outside and enjoy the plants as they flourish, we hope you’ll join us today for a plant walk video with herbalist and Herbal Academy Assistant Director, Jane Metzger. Jane will be showing us how to…

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Free Botanical Thank You Card Downloads | Herbal Academy | Happy Herbalist Day! We have compiled a list of free resources to help you make this Herbalist Day (April 17th) special for the herbalists in your life!
  ON April 07,2018

Free Botanical Thank You Card Downloads!

Happy Herbalist Day, friends and community! Today we are putting together a complete list of free botanical thank you cards, herbalist day cards, botanical banners, herbal gift cards, plant-illustrated wrapping paper, and more to equip you with all the intentional gift giving resources you need to celebrate the friends, mentors, and loved ones in your…

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8 Podcasts Herbalists Will Want To Listen To | Herbal Academy | Looking to further your herbal journey? We hope you find some time to listen to these herbal podcasts and that they help inspire and educate you!
  ON February 13,2018

8 Podcasts Herbalists Will Want To Listen To

Whether you’re in the car, folding laundry, or hiking in the woods, podcasts are a great way to learn from other experts on a variety of subjects, and herbalism is no exception. Herbal podcasts are an easily accessible source of information on individual herbs, interviews with herbalists of a specific topic, or learning about a…

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