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  ON July 29,2022

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Toni Green (@unveil_natural)

For this Herbal Academy interview, we spoke with Toni Green (@unveil_natural) to learn more about her herbal journey. Toni is a wellness advocate and owner of Unveil Natural Herbal Apothecary and Wellness Center in Belleville, New Jersey. She has completed Herbal Academy’s Introductory Herbal Course, Intermediate Herbal Course, Entrepreneur Herbal Course, Herbal Aphrodisiacs Intensive, Holistic…

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  ON May 17,2022

Aromatic Plant Preparation & Uses

The following aromatic plant excerpt is from the book, “Botanicals With Benefits: Develop a New Relationship With Your Garden: The Aromatic Plants Volume” by Kerry Hughes, and is reprinted with permission. Kerry Hughes, MS, principal for EthnoPharm (, is an ethnobotanist, herbalist, and author with a 20-year record of success in natural product development. Kerry also is…

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  ON April 25,2022

5 Helpful Study Tips for Herbalism

As a new student of herbalism, oftentimes it can feel overwhelming as we try to soak in the abundance of information we are learning. Trying to remember lists of new terms, the benefits of common kitchen spices, and the unique energetics of all the different herbs may feel quite daunting! Much like our time in…

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  ON March 29,2022

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Rachel Baker (@3_sources)

For this month’s Student Feature, we spoke with Herbal Academy graduate, Rachel Baker (@3_sources). Rachel has an online business, 3 Sources, to help others maintain optimal health using nutrition and lifestyle as medicine. She is currently enrolled in the Intermediate Herbal Course and Mastering Herbal Formulation Course, and has contributed to Herbal Academy’s blog with…

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