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How To Stock a Vegan Pantry | Herbal Academy | Are you just beginning a plant-based journey towards a vegan diet? Here's a basic list of foods to help you stock a vegan pantry!
  ON October 27,2017

How To Stock A Vegan Pantry

Just over a year ago, after watching a few documentaries, my partner approached me and suggested we embrace a plant-based lifestyle. The more we weighed the health benefits, ethical implications, and environmental impacts of choosing to eat only plants, the more we were convinced that a vegan diet was a sustainable option for us. The…

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Asparagus Tart with Pear Cream Ricotta and Balsamic Date Glaze | Herbal Academy | Asparagus is in full bloom this time of the year. Here's a simple, dairy-free roasted asparagus with pear and tofu cream sauce and a tangy balsamic glaze!
  ON April 15,2016

Asparagus Tart with Pear Cream Ricotta and Balsamic Date Glaze

What is one sure sign that spring is here? The abundance of asparagus in grocery stores and markets! This beautiful veggie is symbolic of a seasonal shift in cooking. Whether it’s simply roasted with garlic and herbs, peeled into ribbons for salads, or gracing a gorgeous tart, asparagus is in full bloom this time of…

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Purslane: A Nutritional Herb | Herbal Academy | Purslane is an excellent nutritional herb for food recipes, garden soil, and as an herbal medicine.
  ON March 04,2016

Purslane: A Nutritional Herb

By Nina Katz – Herbalist Purslane is a land-based vegetable that is extremely high in nutrients and makes a great addition to many food recipes. Today I want to briefly speak to you about the nutrients purslane can offer you when eaten as a food as well as share some great recipes from fellow wild-food…

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  ON September 24,2015

Harvest Time Apple Recipes

Each autumn I look forward to crisp days filled with riotously colored leaves and the richness of harvest time, especially the coming of apple season. Apples have always been a favorite fruit in our house. And as a family, we love to get cooking in the kitchen and enjoy the bounty of the season with…

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  ON September 22,2015

4 Methods of Seasonal Food Preservation

Eating foods that are produced locally is a wonderful way to eat well without spending a lot. Eating locally often means eating seasonally as well, and prices are often lower for fruits and vegetables that are in season. If you are open to exploring methods of seasonal food preservation, you have the option to buy more food…

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