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4 DIY Edible Herbal Gifts To Make At The Last Minute | Herbal Academy | For last-minute gift making, create edible herbal gifts such as delicious salts and sugars and yummy treats like electuaries and herbal cookies-in-a-jar.
  ON December 23,2019

4 DIY Edible Herbal Gifts To Make At The Last Minute

The holidays are truly in full swing! Hanukkah celebrations are well underway and Christmas is right around the corner, with Kwanzaa right on its heels! If you are still looking for the perfect gift to share with loved ones and friends during this season of giving, we have got your back!  For some fast, last-minute…

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Health Benefits & Uses of Cassava Root | Herbal Academy | Cassava root is a versatile and nutritious root that's been used for food and wellness benefits for centuries. Learn how to use cassava root in this post!
  ON October 23,2019

Health Benefits And Uses of Cassava Root

We are lucky to have an abundance of gluten-free and paleo diet options available to us these days, and if you are anything like me, searching out new gluten-free options is a daily adventure. One vegetable getting a lot of recent attention is a versatile and nutritious root called cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) root. While…

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6 Green Storage Tips for Food | Herbal Academy | Incorporating these 6 green storage tips for food into your lifestyle will help you preserve your food while keeping you—and the planet—happy and healthy. 
  ON September 11,2019

6 Green Storage Tips for Food

Now that summer is in full swing and our gardens are bursting with healthy fruits and vegetables, we need to store our produce for longevity. With increased awareness of the downsides to plastics and the threat of climate change, green food storage has become more popular than ever. These green storage tips for food will…

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Adaptogen Bliss Balls Recipe & Video | Herbal Academy | Learn some important key points to know about adaptogens and get a delicious recipe and video tutorial for Adaptogen Bliss Balls from our newly updated Introductory Herbal Course!
  ON January 28,2019

Adaptogen Bliss Balls Recipe & Video

Adaptogens are a category of tonic herbs that are often used to keep the general terrain of the body healthy and functioning properly. While there are many types of tonic herbs, adaptogens are often classed as endocrine system tonics, though they can have an effect on other body systems as well. While we’re not going…

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2019 Vegan Spice Guide For Vegan Cooking | Herbal Academy | Using this vegan spice guide can add depth and flavor to your vegan meals and open up a whole new world of opportunity to be creative in the kitchen.
  ON January 17,2019

2019 Vegan Spice Guide For Vegan Cooking

Vegan foods can get a bad rap for being bland and tasteless. In the Western world, meat has become a predominant part of every meal. Many people have become so accustomed to the salty, fatty flavor offered by animal protein that they find it difficult to imagine how a person could subsist on a diet…

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