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Urban Farming in Nashville, Tennessee: A Family Lineage | Herbal Academy | We fancy farmers, and we know you do too. Learn how one Nashville farmer is using urban farming to inspire others in healthy living while continuing her family legacy.
  ON August 03,2018

Urban Farming in Nashville, Tennessee: A Family Lineage

If you find yourself in Nashville enjoying one of its hippest neighborhoods, East Nashville, you may stumble upon an unexpected, yet welcome, attraction: Double N Urban Farm, home to Stomping Ground Herbals. Amidst this growing city that draws new inhabitants estimated at close to 100 people a day (Reicher, 2018), Nashville native, Nicole Mattingly, runs…

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5 Herbal Cookbooks For Your Kitchen | Herbal Academy | Whether you’re a complete novice or seasoned herbalist, here's 5 herbal cookbooks that will help inspire new dimensions and insights into the foods you eat.
  ON June 05,2018

5 Herbal Cookbooks For Your Kitchen

Cooking with herbs can be one of the more delicious and rewarding ways to integrate herbs into our daily life. In fact, herbs have held a place in the kitchen through the centuries, and are integral to cultural culinary traditions. Many of our first interactions with herbs may have been a garnish of parsley, meats…

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How To Stock a Vegan Pantry | Herbal Academy | Are you just beginning a plant-based journey towards a vegan diet? Here's a basic list of foods to help you stock a vegan pantry!
  ON October 27,2017

How To Stock A Vegan Pantry

Just over a year ago, after watching a few documentaries, my partner approached me and suggested we embrace a plant-based lifestyle. The more we weighed the health benefits, ethical implications, and environmental impacts of choosing to eat only plants, the more we were convinced that a vegan diet was a sustainable option for us. The…

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3 Cooling Herbal Teas For Summer | Herbal Academy | Looking for ways to beat the summer heat? Find relief with these 3 cooling herbal teas for summer that your family and friends will love!
  ON July 27,2017

3 Cooling Herbal Teas For Summer

The long, lazy days of summer can be an idyllic respite from the hustle and bustle and routine of the rest of the year—in some ways summer just feels easier. Schedules relax a bit and many of us make more time for play and relaxation. The long hours of daylight invite earlier mornings or late…

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