Nourishing the Blood: TCM and Ayurvedic Perspectives | Herbal Academy | Do you know that deficient and/or stagnant blood is behind so many maladies? Learn how nourishing the blood can amend and prevent so many problems.
  ON April 03,2018

Nourishing the Blood: TCM and Ayurvedic Perspectives

Blood isn’t just platelets and plasma; it is our vitality. Blood carries the story of our ancestry. It is essential, and it is everywhere! Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda share a recognition that blood operates within the larger and deeper context of our being. Both these ancient systems know that blood is vital and…

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Sour Flavors: How Taste Can Rinse Out Winter | Learn how to use sour flavors of spring for liver and digestive health.
  ON April 29,2016

Sour Flavors: How Taste Can Rinse Out Winter

Today the equinox came, sandwiched between two watery eclipses spanning Pisces and Aries, bracing us inside this liminal space, a transition to spring and return of growing, a day awash in both strong bright light and cold brisk winds. Watching through the windows at breakfast, standing in the greenhouse sprinkling soft rains on my flats…

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  ON April 18,2016

How To Use Schisandra For The Liver

One of my favorite herbs is Schisandra chinensis (Wu Wei Zi). I don’t think there is anything that schisandra can’t do, and there is no other herb like it. The Chinese name means five taste fruit (sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty). Having all these tastes in one herb provide a variety of actions making it a superior…

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