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Aromatic Spring Cleaning With Essential Oils | Herbal Academy | What if you could make spring cleaning less onerous by using products that support your health? Here are six cleaning recipes using essential oils!
  ON April 11,2016

Aromatic Spring Cleaning With Essential Oils (+ 6 Recipes!)

Spring. New. Revival. Resurrection. Growth. Birth. We associate such words and concepts with the vernal season as we emerge from winter. We also often think of another word, which may not make us smile like the previous words do: spring cleaning. One better way to spring clean is spring cleaning with essential oils. What if…

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  ON April 17,2015

5 Homemade Spring Cleaning Products

For many of us, the warmer weather of spring brings with it a desire to do some serious cleaning. However, conventional cleaning products can do more harm than good as we are exposed to various toxins such as phthalates, triclosan, 2-butoxyethanol, chlorine, and more. Some products common in the US have even been banned by the…

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