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  ON June 21,2022

DIY Crampy Belly Baby Oil for a Gentle and Calming Massage

Tummy aches, or rather “excess wind”–as it is called in Chinese Medicine–is not uncommon in babies. Especially in the first 3 to 4 months (also called the “3-month colic”), the crampy belly often occurs.  Anthropologists have theorized that evolution has made a trade-off between our big human brains and the narrow pelvises we need for…

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How to Incorporate Reiki Therapy into Your Holistic Wellness Routine | Herbal Academy | Whether you already have a wellness routine or are looking to create self-care practice, here's how to incorporate Reiki therapy into your life.
  ON February 15,2018

How to Incorporate Reiki Therapy into Your Holistic Wellness Routine

Self-care is essential to our overall health, happiness, and wellbeing. But what comprises a wellness routine, and how can we incorporate Reiki therapy and other alternative approaches into it? Whether you already have an established wellness routine or are looking to create a holistic self-care practice, incorporating Reiki therapy can have wide-reaching positive impacts on…

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  ON June 15,2015

Can Reiki Heal Us? An Alternative Approach in America

The United States has become a place where people are quick to pop a pill for everything that ails them. There seems to be a pill for every imaginable (and unimaginable) ailment or ache. According to a recent Mayo Clinic study, more than 70 percent of Americans take some sort of prescription drug, with 20…

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Herbs for Valentine's Day - rose body care
  ON January 15,2015

Make Your Night Memorable With a Rose-Vanilla Massage Oil

Valentine’s Day is looming, tantalizing us with its impending possibilities. With a five year old son who loves to come to our bed every night around midnight, and both my husband and I busy with work, it can be hard to find time for quality romantic time together.  Since we are parents, we spend most…

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