11 Herbs of King Arthur's England | Herbal Academy | Do you know herbs were used everyday during the time of King Arthur? Here are 11 Arthurian herbs still found today in the garden of Glastonbury, England!
  ON August 24,2017

11 Herbs of King Arthur’s England

In southwest England, in Somerset, sits the town of Glastonbury, a quaint historical town that has been inhabited since 7th millennium BCE (Glastonbury, n.d.). This area has always felt magical to many people as it’s thought by some to be the location of the magical island of Avalon from the famous King Arthur tale that…

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Little-Known Ways To Use Lovage | Herbal Academy | Join us as we explore some of the little-known ways to use lovage!
  ON June 28,2017

Little-Known Ways To Use Lovage

If we were to walk back in time and enter a medieval medicinal or kitchen garden, in the back we would surely find a relatively unknown plant today—lovage. Unlike many herbs, lovage may have begun its journey with humans as a therapeutic plant and evolved into the culinary plant too few of us enjoy today….

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