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  ON June 16,2023

Delicious Elderberry and Blueberry Jam With No Pectin

Who’s ready for a burst of berry botanical flavor? Warmer days call for a special picnic companion—homemade jam. You can spread this blueberry and elderberry jam on toast, crackers, bagels, or waffles—the possibilities are infinite. What’s even better than a homemade jam? One that you can make without needing pectin, and one that is free…

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  ON July 06,2015

Make it: Wildflower Jelly

As you venture into the world of herbalism, and the number of wild edible plants opens up to you, think a bit beyond the infusions, tinctures, and medicinal preparations and consider new ways to eat your weeds! One delicious way to explore edible herbs is by making a simple wildflower jelly with them. Just think of…

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