ON December 18,2020

How to Recognize and Manage Hormonal Imbalance

Recognizing and managing hormonal imbalance starts with an understanding of hormones and the impact they have on our bodies. Hormones (like cortisol, estrogen, and melatonin) are chemical messengers that are produced by our endocrine system. After producing hormones, the endocrine system then sends them directly into our blood system to glands (like the adrenal, pituitary,…

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New Intensive! Identify and Manage Estrogen Excess  | Herbal Academy | We’ve partnered with Sara Rooney, a medical herbalist specializing in hormonal imbalance, to release our newest Herbarium intensive about estrogen excess.
  ON May 01,2020

New Intensive! Identify and Manage Estrogen Excess 

Estrogen. It’s a well-known hormone, but how many of us truly understand the many ways it affects our bodies? As one could guess, estrogen is a key player in reproductive and sexual development, but it also affects cholesterol, metabolism, bone formation, cognition, and more. When estrogen levels are balanced, we hope to operate within a…

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