8 Ideas to Create a Natural Holiday Home | Herbal Academy | Learn how to use beautiful botanicals and herbal crafts in the natural holiday home to add a special element to the season that is reminiscent of the past.
  ON December 17,2019

8 Ideas to Create a Natural Holiday Home

For many of us, one of the warmest traditions of the holiday season is welcoming in this special time of the year by decorating the space in and around the home. As much as a home festooned with lovely decor heralds in the holiday season, the very act of decorating often brings the most joy!…

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Lavender Sachets and Dream Pillows | Herbal Academy | Discover how to craft your own lavender sachets and dream pillows, and share the pleasure of lavender with others this holiday season!
  ON December 22,2016

Lavender Sachets and Dream Pillows

A delightful, calming herb, lavender is a great addition to any home during the holidays. Lavender sachets and dream pillows are a very simple yet lovely craft which can be whipped up in a snap as a last minute gift. Whether used to impart a fragrance to clothes or as a nighttime companion, lavender provides a gentle aroma…

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Clove Pomanders: An Old Fashioned Holiday Favorite | Herbal Academy | Celebrate the season and decorate your home naturally with homemade clove pomanders.
  ON December 16,2016

Clove Pomanders: An Old Fashioned Holiday Favorite

Clove pomanders are a seasonal delight! Made with numerous little cloves, pomanders are a wonderfully fragrant addition to holiday decorations as well as a lovely gift to share with others. Gathered in bowls around the home, hung in windows to catch the warmth of the sun, or displayed on a tree, this old fashioned favorite…

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How to Make Your Own Fresh Rosemary Wreath | The Herbal Academy | Learn to make your own DIY fresh rosemary wreath for the holidays!
  ON December 02,2016

How To Make Your Own Fresh Rosemary Wreath

With its fragrant aroma reminiscent of fresh pine, rosemary is a wonderful herb to enjoy during the winter holidays. Bring rosemary into your home and adorn your walls with this beautiful aromatic herb. A fresh rosemary wreath is easy to make and will add a special herbal flare to your holidays. Be sure to make extras to…

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