12 Traditional Pain Relieving Herbs | Herbal Academy | Curious about using herbs to bring comfort during injury? Here are twelve traditional pain relieving herbs and how herbalists approached their use.
  ON August 31,2016

12 Traditional Herbs That Ease Pain

Over-the-counter pain relievers are a modern invention, but before they were available people relied on many different herbs to bring comfort during injury and illness. This article looks at twelve traditional herbs that ease pain and how herbalists approached their use. Many of these herbs have full profiles in our online learning resource, The Herbarium,…

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  ON July 29,2016

Herbalism and Acute Pain

The topic of herbs and acute pain is an important one for many herbalists- family herbalists and advanced herbalists alike! After all, everyone gets aches and pains or bumps and bruises occasionally. Generally, it’s much simpler to unravel the threads that lead to acute pain than it is to address chronic pain. Acute pains will…

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How to Begin Your Herbalist Training - tinctures
  ON July 15,2016

An Herbal Perspective On Managing Pain Using Herbs

How does an herbalist use herbal theory when managing pain using herbs? Most of the time, people tend to think of pain as a simple experience, one that is isolated within itself. We think to ourselves that “the problem is that I am in pain,” rather than “pain is a signal of something else.” Over…

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