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  ON March 01,2022

The Father of Medicine: Was Hippocrates an Herbalist?

“Where there is love for mankind, there is love for art of healing.” – Hippocrates Considered the father of medicine, Hippocrates was a renowned ancient Greek physician and teacher born on the island of Kos in the Aegean Sea. He lived during the Classical Period of ancient Greece, which was a time marked by a…

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  ON November 01,2021

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Liz Witter (@backcountry_botanicals)

We sat down with Herbal Academy graduate, Liz Witter (@backcountrybotanicals), to hear more about her path into herbalism and her herbal business. She currently owns and operates Backcountry Botanicals out of her home in Kanab, UT, where she distills essential oils from desert plants, and makes wildcrafted personal care products. Liz has taken Herbal Academy’s…

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  ON October 11,2021

Meet Indigenous Ethnobotanist Enrique Salmón

The following book excerpt is taken from the book, Iwigara: American Indian Ethnobotanical Traditions & Science, by Enrique Salmón, and is shared with permission. SAGEBRUSH Artemisia spp. Family: Asteraceae Parts Used: whole plant Season: year-round Region: western North America Some plants are both synonymous with American Indian herbology and icons of a particular geographic region….

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  ON October 01,2021

Herbal Academy Student Interview: Adriana Jensen (@dandelionandtherose)

We recently interviewed Adriana Jensen (@dandelionandtherose) for our Student Feature Series. Adriana has taken the Natural Perfumery Course, the Botanical Skincare Course, and is currently enrolled in the Mastering Herbal Formulation Course and the Introductory Herbal Course. She enjoys the art and creativity of putting together herbal skincare products and has plans to open her…

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3 New Goods Shop Products You’re Going To Love | Herbal Academy | We've just released 3 new Goods Shop products today. Our new Seasonal Foraging Poster, Plant Steward Tote Bag, and Herbal Stickers are available!
  ON November 05,2019

3 New Goods Shop Products You’re Going To Love

We are always busily creating new offerings behind the scenes here at the Herbal Academy, and today, we are so excited to share our new Goods Shop products with you! Each of these unique botanical-themed products will add beauty to your own herbal practice and studies or make a great holiday gift for the herbalist…

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FairWild Week: Go Wild for Wild Plants | Herbal Academy | Learn how you can stand up for wild plants to ensure they’re around for years to come!
  ON June 26,2018

FairWild Week: Go Wild for Wild Plants

You may not realize just how many plants you come into contact with on a daily basis, but for most people, it’s a lot. Whether it’s food, drinks, cosmetics, medicines, or lifestyle products, wild plants can be found in hundreds of thousands of products worldwide. In fact, around 30,000 different plant species have been documented…

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How to be an Environmentally Sustainable Herbalist | Herbal Academy | Here are 4 ways you can be an environmentally sustainable herbalist by being mindful of where plants we use come from and how they are grown.
  ON February 22,2018

How to be an Environmentally Sustainable Herbalist

Herbalists often come to this enchanting practice via a connection to plants and care for the earth. Many will find that the study of plants and their benefits leads to the development of a connection on a deeper level. From this blooms a relationship that often looks beyond what plants can do for us, and…

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