How to Make a DIY Autumn Root Tonic | Herbal Academy | When autumn shows its signs, it may be time to incorporate herbal roots into your diet in the form of an autumn root tonic to support your vitality.
  ON September 23,2019

How to Make a DIY Autumn Root Tonic

When autumn begins to show its signs—earthy colors, golden afternoons, and crisp evening air—it may be a good time to utilize a particular plant part within your herbal toolkit: roots. Herbal roots can be used to make a delicious autumn root tonic to support your vitality, especially as the season begins to change. Making this…

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Herbal Roots 101: How to Prepare and Use Roots for Wellness | Herbal Academy | Use herbal roots for wellness! In this post, you'll learn when to harvest roots, how to prepare them for use, and you'll even find several recipes to try.
  ON November 27,2018

Herbal Roots 101: How to Prepare and Use Roots for Wellness

Autumn is here, and by now, most plants have gone to seed. The vibrant energy we saw so abundantly all summer has sunk down into the roots of the plants, and as they die back, the nutrients that once flowed in the above-ground portions are returned downward into the roots. This makes fall the perfect…

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Autumn Wildharvesting Guide: Medicinal Roots | Herbal Academy | Fall is when we harvest medicinal roots, find our autumn wildharvesting guide to roots here. Berries, fruits, seeds, and herbs are in the complete guide.
  ON October 16,2015

Autumn Wildharvesting Guide: Herbal Roots

Fall is the best time to harvest the roots, some berries, flowers, and cold weather herbs that we miss once the heat of summer comes in. This article will act as your fall wildharvesting guide, featuring herbal roots that are available during the season. Get the full Autumn Wildharvesting Guide, featuring fruits, berries, flowers, herbs, seeds, and…

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