ON June 21,2021

Growing a Gender-Expansive Herbal Practice

This post is co-authored by Linden de Voil R.H. For most trans/non-binary and gender non-conforming folks, medical care is a horror show. It’s hard to overstate the problem, given the long, ugly history of violence done to trans bodies and psyches under the modern medical system. To this day, trans people in need of health…

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Community Herbalism: 3 Ways to Make it More Accessible | Herbal Academy | You’re ready to put community herbalism back into your practice but don’t know where to start? Here are 3 ways to make it more accessible.
  ON February 17,2021

Community Herbalism: 3 Ways to Make it More Accessible

Awhile back, I was sitting outside and thoughts tinged by panic began to pop up, seemingly out of nowhere. A voice inside asked, “isn’t your business just participating in capitalism? Is there any community in your community herbalism practice? Do your personal values match your business values? Upon considering this message, I had to admit…

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  ON February 18,2020

5 Tips to Becoming a Zero Waste Herbalist

As herbalists, we love and respect the wisdom and wellness benefits of plants. Naturally, we care deeply for the earth and the ecosystems from which herbs come. Learning, practicing, and sharing herbal wisdom is something we do in our efforts to make our lives and the world better. Still, it is often unclear how our…

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  ON October 14,2015

Strengthening The Roots of Our Herbal Practice

We can work on many levels as herbalists, but at some point it becomes important to go deep down into the depths of our tradition and root ourselves firmly so that the personal practice of herbalism in our lives can flourish and blossom. The rich ground of historical herbalism and the new frontier of modern…

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