Botany for Herbalists (Family Herbal Summer Series: Part 1) | Herbal Academy | Welcome to our family herbal summer series for kids and parents! Let's explore herbs in an engaging way that will help families learn about herbs together!
  ON June 06,2016

Botany for Herbalists (Family Herbal Summer Series: Part 1)

Welcome to our Family Herbal Summer Series for kids and parents! I am so happy you are here! This week I want to introduce you and your child to my friend “Herb,” and we’ll be covering some basic botany for herbalists, too. Don’t worry, though. Everything is broken down into small sections to make it…

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Healing Herbs book GIVEAWAY!
  ON March 23,2016

Giveaway: Healing Herbs for Beginners

Many herbalists are familiar with The Essential Herbal magazine by our good friend Tina Sams; maybe you picked up a copy or two yourself or read through the online PDF versions available in The Herbarium. Good news for EH magazine lovers, because Tina has now published her very own book, Healing Herbs – a beginner’s guide…

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