Herbal Support for Canine Rabies Vaccination | Herbal Academy | Learn how you can look to nature to help support your pet’s body before and after the canine rabies vaccination with the aid of herbs.
  ON May 31,2019

Herbal Support for Canine Rabies Vaccination

Of all the diseases transmitted from wild animals to dogs, rabies is the most deadly. Our canine friends are the main transmitter of the rabies virus to humans (World Health Organization, n.d.). A dog has to have active rabies in order to be contagious and pass the virus through their saliva in order to infect…

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  ON September 21,2015

An Introduction into Canine Herbalism

If you have dogs, you probably cannot count the times you’ve seen them run to a patch of something green and begin to consume it ravenously. You might wonder when, and more importantly where, the consumed forage will represent itself again – which always seems to be in the middle of your dinner party on…

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  ON November 11,2014

Turmeric for Dogs and Other Animals

Just as herbs can positively affect humans, the same is true for animals. It is thought by some that humans may have first learned to use certain herbs by watching the actions of animals. As humans seek to live more natural and self-sufficient lives, many of us also seek to use natural care for our…

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