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  ON September 03,2015

Choosing Safe Herbs for Your Kids

Herbs and kids go together like two peas in a pod, with many lovely, gentle herbs that children readily respond to. These botanicals can be used to not only bring aid to little ones during times of illness but also to inspire children with the wonders of nature and the plant world. Yet, if we…

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Rainbow Fruit Salad
  ON July 09,2015

Magical Rainbow Fruit Salad With Herbs & Flowers

Can you eat a rainbow? You can with this beautiful rainbow fruit salad that is just a delicious as it is beautiful! Challenge your children to eat a rainbow and ask them to help you create a tasty salad with you. Kids love being part of food preparation and will have fun choosing fruits, herbs, and…

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Introduction to Herbs for Kids
  ON April 23,2015

Introduction To Herbs For Kids: Herbs Are Tasty!

Everyone loves a tasty little something to munch on, and it is fun to cook up a yummy treat to share! You can make delicious food by using herbs when you cook. In fact, throughout history people have used herbs in their cooking to make their food tasty and healthy. When you add herbs to…

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