4 Organic Soil Amendments for the Herb Garden by Herbal Academy
  ON May 31,2024

4 Organic Soil Amendments for the Herb Garden

If you find yourself eager to get an herb garden growing but wondering if you’re too late, you’re not! Late spring can be a great time to plant established plants and get growing. And if you’re looking to cultivate an herb garden that is sustainable, tending to the soil with organic soil amendments will be…

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6 Ways To Fertilize Your Garden With Herbs | The Herbal Academy | Herbs can add healthy nutrition to any garden. Learn how to use them as a fertilizer.
  ON March 02,2016

4 Ways To Fertilize Your Garden With Herbs

We use herbs for nutrition and health but don’t often consider that these same benefits can also extend to our gardens. Fertilizing with many of the herbs you already grow is a simple way to give the garden a boost and reduce the expense of purchased fertilizer. Many of the herbs that are already growing…

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How To Make Compost Tea
  ON April 15,2014

What is Compost Tea? Plants Drink Tea, Too!

At the Herbal Academy, we believe in cultivating awareness of our interconnectedness with the living communities all around us. When we use the earth’s resources with wisdom and respect, all of us (plants, animals, humans) will live far more healthy and abundant lives. A key way we enjoy these gifts is by consuming herbs for…

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How To Compost: Getting Started Guide | Herbal Academy | Learn the basics of how to compost and the impact you can make by starting your own composting routine this year!
  ON April 14,2014

How to Compost: Getting Started Guide

Spring is finally starting to show its face in our corner of the world, and Earth Day is just around the corner. What better time to talk about ways to keep our lovely planet healthy? It may seem impossible, but each of us can make a difference, in small or large ways. “Food makes up…

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