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  ON March 04,2022

Planting the Rainbow: Incorporate Plants Into Your Garden Based On the Color of the Blooms

Gardening is a hobby that can fulfill both the utilitarian as well as the aesthetic sensibilities within the human soul, but you don’t always find both in the garden. I grew up with gardens that were either designed around production and output or designed for aesthetic purposes. However, you don’t have to choose. Planting the…

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How To Use Chromotherapy And Gemstones For Mind-Body Balance | Herbal Academy | This article will explore chromotherapy and gemstones that are beneficial for your dosha, and ultimately, mind-body balance.
  ON November 13,2018

How To Use Chromotherapy And Gemstones For Mind-Body Balance

A core ayurvedic teaching is that all things in nature are comprised of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The five elements exist in a very real way and also represent qualities or energies within us and within the natural world. When it comes to choosing appropriate foods, herbs, aromas, and other…

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