How to Begin Your Herbalist Training - tinctures
  ON July 15,2016

An Herbal Perspective On Managing Pain Using Herbs

How does an herbalist use herbal theory when managing pain using herbs? Most of the time, people tend to think of pain as a simple experience, one that is isolated within itself. We think to ourselves that “the problem is that I am in pain,” rather than “pain is a signal of something else.” Over…

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6 of the Best Books For Your Advanced Herbal Studies | Herbal Academy | As an herbalist, it's important to continue to build your herbal library. Here are 6 of the best books for your advanced herbal studies to get started.
  ON June 29,2016

6 Of The Best Books For Your Advanced Herbal Studies

Building a home library is essential for beginning herbalists because it allows you to cross reference different views and glean more information about a topic while you study. Continuing to add to your herbal library is also very important for advanced and career herbalists, but what are the best books for your advanced herbal studies?…

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When Is An Herbalist Prepared To See Clients? | Herbal Academy | When is an herbalist prepared to see clients in an herbal practice? Today we're exploring 7 questions that can help you determine whether you're ready.
  ON June 15,2016

When Is An Herbalist Prepared To See Clients?

Some of the most common questions that we are asked here at the Academy are, “When is an herbalist prepared to see clients,” and “How will I know when I am ready to see my first client?” Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to these questions or questions like them. Because there is no formal licensure or…

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The Rewards and Challenges of Being a Clinical Herbalist | Herbal Academy | Learn the rewards (and challenges) of working as a clinical herbalist.
  ON May 23,2016

The Rewards and Challenges of Being a Clinical Herbalist

Clinical herbalism is a dynamic career path for advanced herbalists that has some unusual challenges and rewards! Not only does a clinical herbalist balance the business aspects of running a client based business with the legal aspects of being an herbal wellness coach, but they also need to pursue continuing education and professional development that…

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8 Careers For Advanced Herbalists | Herbal Academy | Not sure what your career options are as an advanced herbalist? Here are 8 to try.
  ON May 09,2016

8 Careers For Advanced Herbalists

Working one-on-one with clients may be the first thought to cross your mind when you think of careers for advanced herbalists. However, someone with advanced skills in herbalism can make a living as an herbalist in a variety of ways. Herbalism is less mainstream than other fields, and there are many good things that advanced…

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Who Can be a Clinical Herbalist - tips for getting started
  ON April 13,2016

Who Can Be A Clinical Herbalist?

Professional herbalists who work with clients may choose among many different titles to describe their job. Some prefer simple “herbalist” while others prefer “herbal educator,” and herbalists who work in a more formal setting among chiropractors or in a Naturopath’s office may opt for “clinical herbalist.” Perhaps you are looking for a career change that…

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