Ancient Lore Surrounding Herbs Of Christmas Past | Herbal Academy | Have you ever wondered about the ancient lore surrounding the herbs of Christmas past? Here are several entertaining short stories for you to enjoy!
  ON December 21,2017

Ancient Lore Surrounding Herbs of Christmas Past

The holiday season is upon us. As we decorate, plan our meals, and decide on gifts―the remnants of ancient traditions linger in many of our celebrations. The shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, has been acknowledged by various cultures throughout history. While the actual ceremonies for this day are still practiced by a…

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History and Uses of Common Ivy - a holiday plant
  ON December 21,2015

History and Uses of Common Ivy

Helix hedera, or common ivy, is a familiar garden and houseplant to many people. Sometimes, ivy is used as a greenery decoration during the holidays, and an old Christmas carol “The Holly and The Ivy,” even bears the plant in its title. Using ivy in holiday decorations, though, is a custom that goes back all…

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The Medicinal Mistletoe | Herbal Academy | Come and learn all about the amazing health benefits of medicinal mistletoe and how you can use it for you and your family.
  ON December 17,2015

The Medicinal Mistletoe

Mistletoe, Viscum Album The familiar, white-berried token of the winter holiday season, mistletoe, is a parasitic plant that grows on the branches of several species of trees. Mistletoe burrows roots into the inner wood of trees and feeds from their sap, and a heavy infestation with mistletoe can kill branches of the host plant or even…

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