ON March 24,2020

Dark and Stormy Mushroom Bitters Recipe

There are plenty of ways that mushrooms can be used to support digestive health and vitality. One such way is through their bitter properties.  Yes! Some mushrooms have a bitter flavor, and these mushrooms can be used to create mushroom bitters just as you would use bitter tasting plants to create herbal bitters. In this…

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Three Herbs To Support Digestion After A Long Winter | Herbal Academy | Is your body in need of a jump start after a long winter? Here are three herbs to support digestion and give your body the help it needs!
  ON March 13,2017

Three Herbs to Support Digestion After a Long Winter

Human beings are part of the natural environment. We pass through the same natural and seasonal cycles that affect other living beings—animals, plants, and ecosystems. This is reflected in traditional healing systems the world over. Western herbalism has a long history of practices and remedies that are determined by the season, and older systems like…

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How To Use Bitter Herbs With Children | Herbal Academy | Bitter herbs are so healthy for your family. Learn how to use bitter herbs with children with these delicious recipes!
  ON April 20,2016

How To Use Bitter Herbs With Children

Have you ever tried using bitter herbs with children? I have, and my first attempt didn’t go over so well. Two years into herb school, I offered a freshly-pressed tincture of hops to my then 11-year-old son who was restless and anxious in the evenings. At the time it made sense to me—something cooling and…

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making bitters
  ON March 21,2014

Bitter Integrations! Part 2: Making Bitters

In my previous article, Bitter Integrations! we saw how humans adapted to some bitter plants to not only attain precious plant vitamins and minerals, but also improve our digestion and lower organ performance of processing, elimination, and detoxification. Part 2 will discuss making bitters, the health benefits of bitters, and specifically how bitter herbs assist…

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  ON March 10,2014

Bitter Integrations! Part 1: History and Benefits of Bitters

Though bitter tastes are never our first choice on the menu, they are often the first choice in our survival. In the history of human evolution, we have created an on and off relationship with bitters that continues until today. In this article, the intriguing history and benefits of bitters is summarized, but I highly…

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Urban Moonshine on Finding Joy | Herbal Academy | Join guest speaker, Jovial King, as she speaks on using herbs for bring joy into everyday life.
  ON October 08,2012

Urban Moonshine on Finding Joy

This last week Jovial King, founder and CEO of Urban Moonshine, came to visit the Herbal Academy of New England to teach us about bitters and tonics. Learning about her journey was a delight, to say the least! While she shared with us a wealth of information, from history to benefits of bitters, perhaps the…

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