8 Herbs That Calm The Anxious Mind | Herbal Academy | Looking for some herbal support for your mind? If so, here are eight herbs you need to know about that help to calm the anxious mind.
  ON May 23,2019

8 Herbs That Calm The Anxious Mind

It may feel like today’s world is in a state of upheaval with social, political, and economic issues stirring up emotions inside of each of us. These emotions are often generically labeled as stress, and while that may be the case, acute stress has a tendency to become chronic stress if not properly addressed, and…

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Creating a Local Materia Medica With Motherwort | Herbal Academy | Motherwort is a large, tough plant, but has the ability to soothe and balance the body. Learn the many uses of this plant for your local materia medica!
  ON August 08,2016

Creating a Local Materia Medica With Motherwort

Motherwort is the gift that keeps on giving in my garden. A member of the tenacious mint family (Lamiaceae), she self-seeds herself prodigiously. Her tenacity is nothing a little weeding can’t take care of, and in turn, I have set aside a designated patch where she can reseed to her heart’s content. Let’s learn how…

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How To Make Your Home Smell Good With Essential Oil Diffuser Blends | Herbal Academy | Aromatic herbs and essential oils can create a homey atmosphere for your family to enjoy. Make your home smell good with essential oil diffuser blends!
  ON February 20,2014

Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress Relief

What Are Essential Oils? The sweetness of rose, the fresh greenness of pine, and the tangy fruitiness of orange: these scents are caused by unique aromatic chemicals that help attract or repel insects, play roles in the plant’s immune system, and perform other functions not yet known. Thousands of years ago, humans figured out how…

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  ON September 16,2013

3 Herbs For Anxiety

Anxiety can be a problem for many of us. Sometimes, we feel anxious and stressed after a particularly busy day of deadlines, errands, and fires needing to be put out. Others of us may have more long-term, chronic struggles with anxiety. Feeling unsettled in this way can not only be taxing on our mood but…

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