13 Apr 2023

Aviva Romm’s Gentle Evening Tea

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Aviva Romm, physician, herbalist, mother, and midwife, as she shares this gentle evening tea, a calming blend that makes every evening a celebration! In this blend, Aviva includes three familiar herbs and shares her blend in the video below.

Aviva is the author of multiple books, including Hormone Intelligence, Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health, and Naturally Health Babies and Children, among others. She has a podcast called On Health: A Podcast for Women and offers multiple online courses for practitioners as well as on the topics of on women’s and children’s health. 

About the Herbs

chamomile flowers growing outside

Chamomile: Well-loved as a calming herb, chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) is a favorite after-dinner herb that is both pleasant tasting and effective. It supports digestion through its bitter and carminative actions and calms the nervous system as a gentle nervine, helping to release tension.   

field of lavender flowers

Lavender: Another perennial favorite herb, lavender (Lavandula spp.) is delightfully aromatic and shines as a nervine tonic. It helps to decrease tension, whether that be presenting as a headache or stomachache, and promotes restful sleep. 

Peppermint: A well-known digestive herb, peppermint (Mentha x piperita) is also carminative that relaxes the digestive system and releases tension in the nervous system. It’s appealing flavor is a winning addition to an herb blend!  

Join Aviva Romm in the video below as she shares her Gentle Evening Tea blend! 

Aviva Romm's Gentle Evening Tea


1 part chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) flower
1 part lavender (Lavandula spp.) flower bud
1 part peppermint (Mentha x piperita) leaf
Honey to taste, optional 

  • Steep it as a gentle evening tea. 
  • Sweeten it with a little honey to taste.
  • Drink it in the evening, but not too close to bedtime so you don’t have to wake in the night to use the bathroom! 

woman looking at camera while drinking tea

Cheers This Herbalist Day!

Herbalist Day is a special holiday to celebrate our unique journeys as herbalists, the herbal mentors and influencers that have helped shape our learning and experience, and the greatest teachers of all, the plants themselves.

In the spirit of Herbalist Day, we share this special herbal tea blend from Aviva Romm with you. It’s also in the spirit of Herbalist Day that we share 20% off all Herbal Academy herbalism programs to welcome you into our herbal classrooms! If you’re interested in exploring or expanding your herbal knowledge with education, consider signing up April 10 through April 17 to get 20% off your herbal courses. 

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Cheers, and Happy Herbalist Day!

Aviva Romm’s Gentle Evening Tea | Herbal Academy | In this Gentle Evening Tea blend video, Aviva Romm includes three familiar herbs and shares her recipe with us.