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5 Places To Sell Herbal Products | Herbal Academy | Does selling herbal products intimidate you, or do you simply not know where to start? Here's 5 outlets you can use to sell herbal products successfully!
  ON July 12,2018

5 Best Places to Sell Herbal Products

One of the biggest questions facing an entrepreneur is, “How do I make money?” The key difference between being a hobbyist and an entrepreneur is just that: money. If you are an herbalist, you most likely didn’t get into this line of work for money; you came into this field with a passion for plants,…

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Herbal Body Care
  ON April 21,2015

5 Herbal Body Care Products to Buy or DIY

Do you enjoy making your own herbal bath and body care products at home? Making luscious lotions, healing salves, heavenly soaps and other goodies can be rewarding, but usually DIY instructions are for bulk batches that make several bottles, jars, or bars of one recipe at once. Sometimes it’s nice to have a favorite herbal…

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The Herbal Academy Herbal Summer School Workshop Bundle
  ON May 16,2022

Herbal Summer School Workshop Bundle

Summer break is here, and hopefully, that means more time for creative, hands-on projects that nurture your passions! Our herbal educators have had a blast bringing some of their favorite herbal activities to THREE new and exciting summer workshops that will inspire you to keep your plant studies going strong all summer long. These workshops are short, sweet, and most importantly—fun! So much fun, in fact, that you probably won’t even feel like you’re learning!

Sign up for your favorite herbal workshop individually, or bundle all three together to save money on your registration. The Herbal Summer School Workshops Bundle includes: 

  1. Tea Blending 101 Workshop – doors open June 7, 2022
  2. Flower Pressing for Herbalists Workshop – doors open June 21, 2022
  3. Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop – doors open July 5, 2022 

You’ll be able to start each workshop via your Student Dashboard on the day it goes live. 

Each workshop comes with an optional companion product to enhance your herbal exploration, such as a Tea Blending Booklet, a Field Flower Press, and a Botanical Mixed Drinks Recipe Booklet. Choose the “Workshops with Products” option if you’d like to get all workshop companions delivered right to your doorstep. 

If you’re ready to get an herbal-infused summer education like never before, then join us in our Herbal Summer School Workshop series!  

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  ON April 29,2022

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Shannon Mulligan-Mayernik (@mayernikkitchen)

For our Student Feature series, we recently interviewed Herbal Academy graduate, Shannon Mulligan-Mayernik (@mayernikkitchen). Shannon and her husband own Mayernik Kitchen, an herbal apothecary located in Northern New Jersey. They grow over 50+ medicinal herbs on their herb farm in Sussex County, NJ, which they use to create plant medicines. They offer a wide range…

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  ON March 29,2022

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Rachel Baker (@3_sources)

For this month’s Student Feature, we spoke with Herbal Academy graduate, Rachel Baker (@3_sources). Rachel has an online business, 3 Sources, to help others maintain optimal health using nutrition and lifestyle as medicine. She is currently enrolled in the Intermediate Herbal Course and Mastering Herbal Formulation Course, and has contributed to Herbal Academy’s blog with…

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Herbal Aphrodisiacs Intensive by Herbal Academy
  ON March 28,2022

Herbal Aphrodisiacs Intensive – 6 Months Extension

Are you interested in extending your course access? We would love to continue this journey with you!

Purchase an extension on your Herbal Aphrodisiacs Intensive, and gain access to your course for another six months. This extension offer is only available to students who have taken the Herbal Aphrodisiacs Intensive – either active currently or at one time in the past.

If your intensive is not yet expired, you can still purchase this intensive extension. Your current expiration date, as listed in your Student Dashboard, will be extended by six months from that date.

If your intensive is already expired, you can extend your intensive access by ordering this extension offer. Your course will extend by six months from the purchase date. There is no option to delay your extension start time.

Intensive extensions are non-refundable and only available to students who have paid their accounts in full.


  ON February 25,2022

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Farai Harreld (@thehillbillyafrican)

We sat down with Herbal Academy graduate, Farai Harreld, to learn more about her herbal journey. Farai enjoys teaching folk herbal remedies on her Patreon channel called Folk Herbalism. She has completed Herbal Academy’s Botanical Skin Care, Foraging, and Mushroom courses. You can also find herbal inspiration on her Instagram account, @thehillbillyafrican. HA: Please tell…

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  ON January 28,2022

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Hannah Lasorsa (@hannah_aften)

For this month’s Student Feature interview, we spoke with Herbal Academy graduate, Hannah Lasorsa (@hannah_aften). Hannah owns a marketing studio called Herbal Content Cottage where she works with herbalism and gardening brands to help them create inspiring and educational content such as seasonal content, website copy, herbal lifestyle photography, and more. Hannah has completed the…

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Learn how to draw beautiful, accurate botanical illustrations in the Botanical Drawing for Herbalists Course
  ON January 05,2022

Botanical Drawing for Herbalists Course

Does herbalism spark your creative fire? If you doodle all over your study notes and dream of filling your materia medica with beautiful, accurate botanical illustrations, then the Botanical Drawing for Herbalists Course is for you!

In this remarkable mini course, you will achieve the skills and confidence to accurately draw the plants that inspire your herbal studies. Not only will you learn to make personalized botanical illustrations, but you will also begin to see the plants more closely and render them with greater accuracy. As you’ll soon see, drawing is a miraculous study tool that can help you embed a plant’s characteristics in your memory—all while you enjoy a mood-boosting, meditative activity that nurtures your creativity. 

The Botanical Drawing for Herbalists Course includes all the information you need to start creating your own beautiful botanical illustrations today, including an introduction to botany and plant parts, a dozen drawing prompts — including one for making your own illustrated herbal flash cards — and in-depth explanations of drawing techniques, like contouring, shadowing, color studies, the use of negative space, and so much more. 

You do not have to be an artist to enjoy this 5-lesson program! In fact, learning to be an artist is secondary to cultivating the ability to observe and truly see the beauty and intricacy in the plants that surround us. Join us on this journey from plant to page!

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