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  ON October 13,2020

What is Enfleurage? Historic Perfumery Technique with Instructions

“Enfleurage” is a French word that you may have seen associated with historic perfumery techniques. If you’ve seen this mysterious word mentioned in old texts or publications, you probably found yourself wondering, “what is enfleurage?” We dug into our Natural Perfumery Course to answer that question and to share a special sneak peek into our…

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How To Create Simple Perfume Blends Using Aromatic Notes | Herbal Academy | Learn to make your own simple perfume blends and get a DIY recipe to try too!
  ON February 26,2016

How To Create Simple Perfume Blends Using Aromatic Notes

Essential oils are produced for three primary purposes: flavorings, fragrances, and therapeutic applications. The vast majority of essential oils are actually produced for the first two, flavorings and fragrances, and have been used for these purposes for quite a long time. Today I want to show you how you can take essential oils and blend…

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