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Loose Leaf Tea Bag & Label Set
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Loose Leaf Tea Bag & Label Set


The perfect way to store your herbal tea creations, our Loose Leaf Tea Bag and Label Set will bring both beauty and function to your handcrafted tea blends! Package your herbal teas in these 12 compostable tea storage bags while adorning them with our 2 beautifully designed labels, to title your blend and to list the herbs you’ve included. Not only will these labels add a wonderful floral detail to your tea bags but they will also help you keep track of the herbs, ingredients, and drink by date of each unique tea. Use our Loose Leaf Tea Bag and Label Set to start your own collection of homemade herbal teas or to gift your creations to loved ones during the holidays, tea parties, or any day you feel like giving.

Loose Leaf Tea Bag and Label Set includes:

12- 8in x 3.5in x 3.5in kraft tea storage bag

14- 3in x 2in Rectangular ‘Herbal Tea Blend’ labels

14- 2in x 3in Rectangular ‘Ingredient’ labels


Out of stock

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