Herbal Actions Flashcards

Herbal Actions Flashcards


No matter where you are on your herbal journey, knowing the terminology is a vital part of understanding how each herb interacts with the body.  And there are a lot of terms to remember!

This set of 45 beautifully illustrated Herbal Actions Flashcards will help you memorize – and retain – the actions of the herbs in your toolkit. From diaphoretic to cholagogue to galactagogue to vulnerary, each flashcard features a different herbal action on one side and when you flip it over, you’ll find the definition of that action along with six (6) herbs that fall into that category. As a special touch, we’ve included full-color, beautiful botanical illustrations of the six herbs listed on each card. 

For example, when you flip over the diaphoretic card, you will read: “When taken hot, induces perspiration. Used to encourage fevers to “break” and to aid the body in expelling pathogens through the skin.” Herbal examples and illustrations include:

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) aerial parts
Elder (Sambucus canadensis or S. nigra) flower
Ginger (Zingiber officinale) rhizome
And 3 more!

We’ve had a lot of requests for flashcards over the years, and we understand why – they make the perfect study companion! The compact size of these flashcards also means you can easily tuck these beauties into your foraging bag and spend a day studying under the trees.

  • 45 herbal action cards
  • Beautiful, full-color illustrations
  • 3”-x-4.25” cards
  • 4.5 oz
  • ½” tuck box

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