Lavender & Flaxseed Eye Pillow

Lavender & Flaxseed Eye Pillow


Unwind and relax into sweet herbal ease with the soft, aromatic Lavender & Flaxseed Eye Pillow. Lay the pillow over your eyes, forehead, or back of neck for simple relaxation when you need it most. The gentle weight of the flaxseed coupled with stress-soothing aromatherapy benefits from the lavender join together to make a calming, comforting experience for at-home spa days, meditation, and those moments when you could use some herbal bliss. For the ultimate luxury and flexibility, use the Lavender & Flaxseed Eye Pillow either warm or cold depending on need.

Warm Therapy: Place eye pillow on a clean surface in the microwave. Heat in 10 second increments until warm to touch. Do a touch test before placing over eyes or skin. Do not overheat.

Cold Therapy: Place eye pillow in a sealed freezer bag to keep the pillow from absorbing moisture. Place in the freezer for 1 hour before use. 

55% Linen / 45% Cotton blend.

Store eye pillow in a plastic bag in a cool, dry place when not in use. Do not leave on eyes for more than 10 minutes at a time. Do not place the cold eye pillow directly into the microwave; allow it to warm to room temperature before heating. Always monitor while microwaving and stop heating immediately if you hear a popping sound. Spot clean only.

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