Canna-Formulation Workbook

Canna-Formulation Workbook


Our full color, spiral-bound Canna-Formulation Workbook will help you safely and responsibly invite cannabis (Cannabis sativa) into your herbal practice by learning how to blend it with other herbs in your toolkit. This travel-sized workbook is designed to complement our Canna+Herbs Course but can also be used alone if you have a solid understanding of how to work with cannabis. 

The illustrated Canna-Formulation Workbook includes select information from the Canna+Herbs Course so that you’ll have the tools you need to start developing your own cannabis-centric herbal formulas that are well balanced and effective. We’ve expanded on that information with plenty of beautifully designed brainstorming and recording spaces so that you have a record of what works, and what doesn’t, along with helpful charts that summarize various plant categories, actions, and energetics so you can easily identify which herbs and cannabis strains will work best in the formulations you develop. 

Please note, when we refer to “cannabis” throughout this workbook, we’re referring to both CBD-rich hemp and THC-rich cannabis. It’s up to you (and the regulations in your location) to determine which one you choose to work with. It is important to determine the legality of cannabis in your location and the regulatory policies for purchase, use, cultivation, and sale to understand what you can and cannot legally do prior to attempting cannabis preparations.

Cannabis formulation is a fascinating world, and it’s something you can pursue with a little herbal know-how, guidance, and the right tools!

  • 7×10”
  • 70 pages 
  • Spiral bound
  • Full color, illustrated
  • Helpful formulation content from the Canna+Herbs Course

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