Botanical Dye Plants Poster

Botanical Dye Plants Poster


This beautifully illustrated, 8 ½ x 11” Botanical Dye Plants Poster is the perfect addition to your dye room, apothecary, or study!

The full-color illustrations feature a variety of dye plants displayed alongside a color swatch showing some of the colors they produce, from golden marigold to blue woad, and more. At the bottom of the poster is a key that shares additional plants within each color family.

Hang this poster to bring colorful botanical inspiration to your space! The next time you embark on a natural dye project, simpy glance at your beautiful Botanical Dye Plants Poster to decide which plant to use. This lovely poster is the perfect companion to our Natural Dyes Workshop, which is open for enrollment during summer months.

Many of these plants give a range of colors depending on textile type, mordants and pH modifiers, and several other factors—this visual is just one representation of the beautiful variation dye botanicals can provide!

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