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Nettle Plant Walk Video: Identification, Uses, Preparations, & More! | Herbal Academy | Join us for a plant walk video all about the herb, nettle!
14 Sep 2018

Nettle Plant Walk Video: Identification, Uses, Preparations, & More!

Join herbalist and Herbal Academy Assistant Director, Jane Metzger as she explains how to identify and use nettle in this plant walk video. Not only will you learn how to identify this plant in the wild and some common ways to use it, but you’ll learn a bit about nettle’s energetics and actions as well. Just click play on the video below or watch it on our YouTube channel.



Nettle, Urtica dioica (Urticaceae)

Parts Used:

Aerial Parts, Seeds, Roots


While its prickly sting is considered a nuisance by hikers and farmers, nettle is the popular, cool kid of the herbal world—herbalists love nettles! Nettle leaf is a quintessential nourishing herbal tonic, rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, and other vitamins and minerals, and can be drunk in tea or eaten daily. Nettle nourishes, supports and energizes the whole body, is richly nourishing to the blood, assists the body in nutrient and protein assimilation, and supports the body’s energy levels to allay fatigue.

Beyond providing a rich supply of nutrients, nettle leaf and root also aid elimination of waste and toxins from the body, helping in the case of arthritis, gout, and skin problems like eczema. Fresh nettle leaf is anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory and can be useful in cases of hay fever and allergies. If stung by nettle, you can squeeze a little of the leaf juice or tea onto the sting to soothe. Nettle is astringent so can be slightly drying. Add a pinch of marshmallow or licorice if nettle’s drying effects are too much!

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Nettle Plant Walk Video: Identification, Uses, Preparations, & More! | Herbal Academy | Join us for a plant walk video all about the herb, nettle!