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Autumn Wildharvesting Guide: Medicinal Roots | Herbal Academy | Fall is when we harvest medicinal roots, find our autumn wildharvesting guide to roots here. Berries, fruits, seeds, and herbs are in the complete guide.
  ON October 16,2015

Autumn Wildharvesting Guide: Herbal Roots

Fall is the best time to harvest the roots, some berries, flowers, and cold weather herbs that we miss once the heat of summer comes in. This article will act as your fall wildharvesting guide, featuring herbal roots that are available during the season. Get the full Autumn Wildharvesting Guide, featuring fruits, berries, flowers, herbs, seeds, and…

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  ON October 09,2015

Connecting With The Season of Roots

The herbs in our gardens and the wild places around us live a year that is marked by the ritual of necessity. Each season has unique blessings and challenges for our plant allies, and learning these rhythms gives us a deeper insight into the natural world and our own health. Spring is marked with new…

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  ON September 25,2015

Finding the Roots of Our Herbal Traditions

Fall is all about root medicine. As our plants ready themselves for winter, many of them draw their energy down into the roots to wait out a season of cold and rest. Burdock, dandelion, butterfly weed, angelica, and licorice are just a few of the herbs we cherish for their medicine underground. With roots at…

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