Super Affordable Resources For Learning Herbs | Herbal Academy | Today, we're sharing several affordable resources that you can use to help you learn more about herbs no matter where you are in your herbal journey!
  ON August 26,2019

Super Affordable Resources For Learning Herbs

While there are many free resources one can use for learning about herbs, at some point, you may find that you are ready to either invest in something more in-depth or to incorporate additional resources that can help further support your current herbal education. Some investments can be quite costly, but when it comes to…

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  ON May 11,2015

6 Herbal Books Worth the Investment

As we tell our herbalism students, herbal books are an invaluable resource for the home herbalist, and growing your home library over time is always a great idea. Having at least three herbal books or resources available is absolutely necessary when studying plants and creating a materia medica. Still, there are so many fantastic books available – where should you…

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