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  ON September 29,2014

What do you know about the Practice of Herbalism?

Herbalism is so much more than taking herbs to address symptoms. Part of becoming an herbalist is shedding this simplistic mindset, and coming to view health through a holistic lens, in which the body, mind, and spirit are integrated. By having a clear understanding of regulations as well as her rights, studying herbal safety, and…

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  ON September 22,2014

What do you know about Weeds?

Humans have cursed, pulled, cut, fought, mowed, poisoned, and — yes — even waxed poetic about weeds for centuries. It seems there are almost as many definitions for a weed as there are actual weeds! Ralph Waldo Emerson questioned, “What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” Most herbalists would…

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  ON September 15,2014

What do you know about Herbal History?

Herbalism is a practice found in every culture around the world, and in some continents up to 80% of people still used herbalism as their primary form of health care. Herbalists today are able to draw from Native American, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Siddha, Middle Eastern, the Eclectics, South American, Celtic, and many other herbal…

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  ON September 08,2014

What do you know about Tree Medicine?

Trees are a critical member of ecosystems, providing habitat, stabilizing soil, moderating climate, and filtering air. They produce our most basic need — oxygen — and also provide shade, lumber, and food in the form of nuts, berries, and sap. Most often, we appreciate trees for their beauty, shade on a hot summer’s day, or…

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  ON August 31,2014

How Much Do You Know About Popular Herbs?

Almost everyone has heard of them, the popular herbs promoted in mainstream press and hyped by marketers. But every “herb du jour” has a fascinating story that just may surprise you! If you’re interested in learning more than just hype, rooting and sprouting herbalists herbalists can start their journey in the Online Introductory Herbal Course,…

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  ON August 26,2014

How Much Do You Know About Herbal Preparations?

  Making herbal medicine is easy! While it may seem overwhelming at first, a little coaching from a book, friend, or online resource is all you need to get started. Medicine making is not relegated to the domain of the scientist in a white lab coat! The folk method of herbal medicine making is particularly…

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