8 Herbal Holiday Preparations to Start Brewing Now! | Herbal Academy | Now is the time to get started making herbal gifts that require time to brew! Here are eight of our favorite herbal holiday preparations to start now.
  ON December 03,2019

8 Herbal Holiday Preparations to Start Brewing Now!

The holiday season can feel like a whirlwind with the days tumbling from one to the next, and if you are anything like me, too often your dreams of herbal crafting are lost in the flurry. You may even find that you no longer have the time needed to brew up those special herbal holiday…

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How To Honor Herbal Teachers With Your Stories | Herbal Academy | Herbalist Day is April 17th, and one way you can honor herbal teachers is by sharing your stories with the person who touched and inspired you.
  ON April 02,2019

How To Honor Your Herbal Teachers With Your Stories

We couldn’t have herbalism without each other. Through relationship, we learn the art of herbalism—humans sharing with one another, plants teaching us directly, and even animals showing us the way as we observe and learn. This tradition has likely nourished and supported us for as long as humans and plants have coexisted. No matter where…

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